From now on forever

Your peace of mind is invaluable. That’s why we do not charge it. We hereby declare that at you are protected by the Guarantee of Free use of our services without any terms for you.

Price protection!

When we say that we value the hosts who trust us at this stage, we mean it. Our appreciation for you is always free. You are a member of the zizina family. You advertise us and we always support our family.

You have so many issues, calm down!

Our commitment is to create a safe and trustworthy community all over the world. We want you to enter your data, making your life easier. We also understand your need for protection that it will not come some day that we will ask you to pay for the services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will never be a charge for your services?

Perhaps in the future there may be but we have a commitment to you that all of you who already have an active account will not be charged for any of the services you have already received.

Will you have any revenue?

Our Business Model has specific goals and models that will have revenue and these models do not include hosts but other sources of revenue. These sources will be those who make money from you. For example, your technicians and other partners will find them from zizina. That is, as Google provides you with free services, it has revenue from the companies advertised in it.