Attention: It’s on development phase. So it’s not available yet. To see availability, check the timeline.

Create Accounts
on New Channels – Automatically


You know that creating an account and listing your homes is a time consuming task and  requires many actions from you. is aware of that, so it does all the job for you automatically.


The steps of using this tool are:

  • 1
    If you already have an account on some channel, e.g. Airbnb, ask to import everything into its own database. If not, you’re listing all your data and homes.
  • 2 can ask you a few questions like: what languages do you speak, etc.
  • 3 helps you to choose other channels for you, based on your data like, where your homes are located (country, city, etc.) and your own potential.
    Example: If you have homes in Greece, Crete and speak Russian, we will suggest channels that are mainly active in Russia and eastern countries.
  • 4
    You choose the channel from the suggested or any channel you wish.
  • 5 looks into the data it has for you and your homes. If the channel has some special requests, it informs you of the additional items you will need.
  • 6
    When all the data is collected, the process can be done fully automatically or it may require some actions from you (depends on the channel).
  • 7 creates your account and updates the channel with your homes.
  • 8
    When channel completes the processes, you’re being updated both by the channel and by that you are ready for bookings!
  • 9
    You activate the channel and takes care of the rest!

It can’t be more simple !


It’s free and always will be.