About us

Zizina is a community for homeowners who want to manage their homes in the best possible way and achieve maximum performance in an easy and quick way.


What is zizina.com?

It is targeted at people who are not familiar with hotels and their management and offers them a simple understandable way with full guidance to make what they need.

Whether it is an apartment or several houses or villas or a combination of them, zizina offers comprehensive management with many statistics and many automations.

For the first time all the tools are gathered and free and forever with guarantees

With top international customer service and a large host community which is constantly spreading, zizina is the easiest and best way to increase your business performance and help you find partners for jobs that need your homes, to find ratings for your future guests protecting your property.

All the management can be done online or from a mobile phone or tablet.


ZIZINA is a FREE tool.

It is not a company that manages your real estate. It is offered as a tool to all hosts.